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My Original Characters


My permission

The follow is or people who want to use my works in their own web-site.


There are some rules before you use my works.

:bulletred: 1. Don’t use my works without my permission. You must contact me before you upload my works on your web-site.

:bulletred: 2. Let me know your URL when you upload my works on your web-site. I will confirm your web-site and my works you used.

:bulletred: 3. Don’t process my work. I don’t permit that you add letters and painting on my works.

:bulletred: 4. Clearly advertise URL of my deviantART gallery on your web-site.

:bulletred: 5. All my works are owned by me. Don’t use my works as your-making works.

I hold the copyright for all my works. Please keep these rules.
Thank you. :)


Spiritual Stones

derSheltie Fan Club

My fan club was opend. Established by :iconxxwanderingwarriorxx: :)
If you love my works, join it soon. ^^


Finnish : Suomi :iconspiritualstonesfin:Tsanslated by:iconvanilla-cream-lio:
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If you find some goods which printed an illustration of a favourite artist, which will you buy? :) 

242 deviants said T-shirt ($20)
93 deviants said i-Phone case ($15)
42 deviants said Other goods (comments plz)
36 deviants said Tote bag ($22)
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Young Tiger
Young Tiger Warrior

My OC Bualek(บัวเหล็ก) & his tiger ram-pirka(animal avatar) Suatong(เสือทอง)

Their element is sun, and symbolic colour is gold. Surely Bualek's ram-pirka is a tiger, but when I designed him, I was vaguely aware of not only a tiger but also Hanuman. (Hanuman is the brave and cheerful warrior in Hindi mythology of India, avatara(avatar) of Vayu. He is very popular in Thailand and adopted in Thai Buddhist cultures). :)

Their character introduction
Tiger Warrior by SheltieWolf


Warriors by SheltieWolf   Big Cats by SheltieWolf   Samurai Fight by SheltieWolf
Big Cats
Big Cats

Sara's ram-pirka (animal avatar) a snow leopard Oyon & Adri's ram-pirka a lion Shardulh.

I asked an Indian friend about his name. (Thank you so much.)
There are some India's male names which derive from a "lion". Shardulh is one of them. I like his name. Sounds strong.
When I thought his clothes, I referred to traditional celebration clothes in India. They are so gorgeous and beautiful. :D
A Shardulh's necklace is so detailed. That took labor. :p


Oyon's introduction
Girl of Grassland by SheltieWolf

Their owners Sara & Adri's introduction
Warriors by SheltieWolf   Children of Gods by SheltieWolf
Japanese Spring
My Japanese Spitz Momo & koinobori

Koinobori is one of the Japanese culture. 5th/May is the Children's Day in Japan. Japanese parents hope children's health and success in the future. People celebrate the day and raise koinobori, which are streamers shaped like koi fishes.
5/May in the old lunar calendar had been June (just in the rainy season). But 5/May in (present) Gregorian calendar is just the fine and fresh season. Koi fishes were flying on the blue sky this year as usual spring. :)

Little Warriors

Takeru, Sara and Adri

(Introduction of Takeru and Sara is the follow.)
Children of Gods by SheltieWolf


A boy who is putting on a turban is Adri, who is a child in the Country of Earth "Gyaana Bumi". I named him Adri. Adri is one of Hindi names, means a "mountain". His ram-pirka (animal avatar) is a lion. (I will submit his lion a later date.)

Gods of in their world foresaw big disaster was going to come to this world in the future. They gave their forces to human babies of destiny. Gods thought "disaster will come 20-30 years later". But it came only 10 and several years later. So warriors are still children. Especially Adri is too young to fight with a weapon. So gods in the Country of the Earth gave him a special force of the Earth. He can harmonize with nature and manage plants and rocks when he fights.
Adri is very wise and clever boy. He excels in reasoning and arithmetic. 
Design of his clothes was inspired by the wedding clothes of Indian men. They are gorgeous and beautiful, not only traditional but also stylish. :)

(Thank you so much, my friend.)


Samurai Fight by SheltieWolf  
Samurai's Will by SheltieWolf   Girl of Grassland by SheltieWolf   Little Samurai by SheltieWolf


Ancient Temple Remain

Ta Prohm

I had traveled in Cambodia March 2011. 
It's Ta Prohm, which is one of the big remains of ancient Hindu temples near Angkor Wat in Siem-Reap Cambodia. (It was built as a Mahayana Buddhist temple at first, and changed to a Hindu temple afterward.)
Present Cambodia is a country of Buddhism. But ancient Cambodia -there had been a big wealthy kingdom for several hundred years- was a country of Hindu.
After the end of ancient kingdom, those dazzling temples had gradually changed to the calm remains which are covered with trees and roofs in a forest. When I stood in the remain alone, I was able to enjoy a mysterious atmosphere like in the world of Indiana Jones.


Hindu has been the religion of India since far ancient ages. There are a lot of gods in the world of Hindu. Burahma, Visnu, Siva and so on. Ganesa is also the very famous and popular god, who takes charge of wealth and studies and has an elephant head.
Cultures of ancient India had spread to the widespread areas of Asia. They were introduced in the most faraway Far East Asia Japan with Buddhism via East Asia 1,500 years ago. Buddhism was born in ancient India and shares a lot of gods and religious words with Hindu.
Old Japanese had called India "Tenjiku" for a long time. Tenjiku was a country where Buddha was born. Japanese longed and thought Tenjiku was a beautiful country like the heaven.
Ancient civilization in India is like a bright lighthouse for Asian, like ancient Greece and Rome for European.


I will change my style of works.

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2017, 5:02 AM

To be more precise, I changed my style the last year, when I had left from dA for a long time. I want to go back to basic, the classic style of mine like them.

Warrior Wolf by SheltieWolf Little Fox by SheltieWolf A princess and a fox Knight 2 by SheltieWolf


In my new original story, the boy (human) who is the main character is Takeru, the wolf which is his animal avatar is Magami. They put on armour which is designed in the motif of samurai armour. Armour design of Magami is almost the same as “Wolf Takeru”.

I’d like to draw some characters (friends and partners of Takeru) whose clothes are designed with a motif of some (other countries’) ethnic designs or clothes, and some animal avatars (snow leopard, tiger, fox and so on). 


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Tokyo Japan
Favourite genre of music: Joe Hisaishi
Favourite photographer: Mitsuaki Iwagō
Favourite style of art: Photoshop, Coloured pencil
Favourite cartoon character: Gin, Weed, Wolf-Link, Amaterasu


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